Bitcoin’s Rangeplay Continues

Data tracked by the crypto intelligence platform OKLink shows that Ethereum burned 12,000 ETH on Tuesday. This is a daily record of coins destroyed since the implementation of EIP1559 on August 5th. Of the total number of destroyed coins, the NFT OpenSea market accounted for 2,000 ETH. The EIP 1559 has destroyed almost 40% of the issued currencies since its activation.

Alex Svanevik, CEO of blockchain data firm Nansen, also strongly catalyzes an increase in NFTs and a consequent decrease in net ether issuance, along with a sustained increase in the amount of ether performed in the applied beacon chain. I listed it as. .. I bet on the Ethereum blockchain last December. According to Glassnode data, the Ethereum 2.0 Beacon chain deposit agreement currently has more than 7 million people worth $ 24.8 billion in eateries. As discussed yesterday, analysts predict that a combination of these factors could lead to a supply crisis in the ether market.
Market sentiment could be boosted by the launch of an off-chain lab at Arbitrum One, an Ethereum-scale solution that uses optimistic storage technology to process transactions faster and at lower cost than Ethereum’s mainnet. There is sex.
The fact that Arbitrum facilitates relatively cheap transactions can actually mean a burning eater. However, along with other scale solutions such as Polygon, this project will help ease the congestion of the Ethereum network and bring long-term value to the smart contract blockchain. The Arbitrum mainnet appeared on Tuesday.
Bitcoin remains closed in the limited range of $ 46,000 to $ 50,000 as ether rises. According to Delphi Digital, blockchain data is continuously accumulating through headlines in the middle of the series.
After plunging from a high of close to $ 130 reached on Tuesday, the Ethereum alternative Solana’s SOL sign is trading at close to $ 110. Investors can repay Ethereum after purchasing Solana and other Ethereum murder suspects in late August. CTL almost tripled in the second half of August, ending the month with a profit of 194%.

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