Tether Asks Court to Block NYAG From

The parent company of Stabloin Emissuer Chain and Crypto Exchange Bitfinex requests the Supreme Court of New York to Block Coindesk and other organizations to receive documents with details on the composition of reserves chain in recent years.
The request was submitted yesterday by chain and Bitfinex lawyer, Charles Michael de Steppoe & Johnson, against the State of New York, the Attorney General Letitia James and the Freedom of Information, calling Act Kathryn Singold, in response to a Law of the Freedom of Information (Foil) submitted by Coindesk application.
To help strengthen your confirmation that the release of this information will hurt your business, attached to the petition, a few dozen articles were found as exhibitions, including some coindesk itself.
“The competition is fierce, with exchange of eyebrows who are constantly entering the market and challenging the owner,” the petition said. “Bitfinex and chain to distinguish their competitors use at least three kinds of secrets and a sharp data in question in this process: (1) Financial strategies, (2) Compliance and documentation measures and (3) The Client Data” .

Therefore, by allowing New York Attorney General to release such information “Tilt the playing field against binding competition. Coindesk, the online publication contemplated in this case, has been summed that the Stabcons are announced in the competition, and no one is at the level of detail in the request documents. “It was also noted in the petition, these are the problems of cryptomoneza companies, such as chain and bitfinex, in search of banks that will work with them, and the ways in which chain and Bitfinex tried to overcome so obstacles . “Bitfinex and chain for years do not cultivate public relations in financial institutions from around the world who are capable of processing a high volume of high-value transactions efficient,” according to the presentation. Chain established a Investigation by the Nyag in its finances by a $ 18.5 million a fine principle of this year. Full sheet Application Coindesk’s request The launch of a document certifying the composition of the chain reserve, similar to what the company is published Earlier this year.

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